• DEEPTI FOUNDATOIN is a registered charitable trust committed towards the empowerment and strengthening of the underprivileged, suffering, marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society. We provide education and healthcare, which will improve their quality of life and enhance human dignity and self-reliance. Patients with chronic diseases are provided with better medical assistance.

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Thomas Joseph Karamel

My work with the Deepti Foundation is a daily inspiration to me. Because we refuse to look away when someone is in need and refuse to assume someone else will solve a problem. We have been able to help thousands from the decreasing standard of living of the marginalized. Our initiatives moved to try and rehabilitate those who have suffered the loss of the family‚Äôs breadwinners or loved ones, who have lost their livelihoods and their dignity in their daily struggles. When poverty, hunger and lack of basic resources remained a major issue for a vast majority of people in the country, the small gestures of DF provided much needed social and economic security to the lives of thousands of people who were on the margin of subsistence. Read more ⇛



Gyansarovar Non Formal Education Center & Child Resource Center

Deepti Foundation, Delhi focuses on safeguarding the children involved in rag picking in the area, Balaswa Dairy, Delhi-42. The initiative ..

Community Based Rehabilitation of families living with HIV/AIDS

To reduce HIV and AIDS related morbidity and mortality and to improve the socio economic rehabilitation of families living with HIV/AIDS.

Empowerment of Women and Children in the Urban clusters of Delhi

The MANOS UNIDAS project mainly focuses on women empowerment and community development. Our main area of focus is East Delhi;Seelampur, ...