Our History

Deepti Foundation (DF), since its inception in the year 2003 by the Catholic Priests belonging to the Missionary Society of St. Thomas the Apostle (MST) has been working towards improved living conditions for better and healthier lives for the people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. DF thus under the guidance and stewardship of MST Priests, has been doing effective works in the fields of awareness, education, treatment and care of HIV/AIDS infected and affected women and children and community care centers in different parts of Delhi.

Our thrust has always been for the protection of infected and affected women and children since they are the most vulnerable to the outbreak of HIV/AIDS. Its services that has ensured the well being and improved living of people, infected and affected women and children, are acknowledged by all. Our activities have a range of services which include care, treatment and support depending on the progression and stage of infection, services of Community Care Centers (CCC) for treatment of opportunistic infections and provision of psychosocial support through counseling, empowerment and various capacity building programs for infected and affected women, educational and nutritional assistance to children and also enable PLWHAs to access ART along with steps for positive prevention. DF has teams of trained and dedicated staff, such as, Medical Officers and Staff, Paramedical Workers, Health Educators, Counselors, Physiotherapists, Educators and Trainers. We give below a brief on some of our activities, which has been in the congested clusters of east and central Delhi:-

  • Treatment via Community Care Centers.
  • Awareness, Education and Home Based Care.
  • Counseling, ICTC & PPTCT Services.
  • Information and Drop in Centers.
  • Stigma and Discrimination Reduction Programs.
  • Microfinance and Self Help Groups.
  • CapacityBuildingand Empowerment Programs.
  • Income Generation and Community Based Rehabilitation Units.
  • Educational and Nutritional Assistance.
  • Care Home for the Infected Orphaned Children.
  • Facilitations and Referrals.
  • Collaborations and Networking with the Government and other Social Service Societies.


  • ‘God helps those who help themselves’

    ‘God helps those who help themselves’ Taking the initiative to help in social development, Deepti Foundation has supported the cause of upliftment of children who are ragpickers. Donations and funds are raised for these children which are utilized in the following ways:

    Aug 24, 2018
  • ‘God helps those who help themselves’

     Purchasing books  Providing food  Providing rooms and resources for education  Providing clothes and footwear 

    Aug 28, 2018
  • ‘God helps those who help themselves’

    Children’s contribution to self-development — they take the initiative to prepare rakhis using their talents and creative inputs. These rakhis are then given in bulk to educational institutions, housing societies and also among family and friends. These efforts, good intentions and good will go a long way for the development ofthese children. These contributions are further used for providing a better future to them.

    Aug 28, 2018