Community Based Rehabilitation of families living with HIV/AIDS

We create awareness to the communities and the people suffering from/ living with HIV/AIDS. Through awareness centres we provide them with information and also counsel them how to face the stigma related issues. We organise welfare activities for the high risk groups that are really problematic to various atmospheres and provide access to health facilities. We provide counselling facilities for the high risk groups along with awareness programs that help them gain self-confidence and self-dignity. This group is economically empowered through skill training and income generation activities. We conduct awareness programs and surveillance on their infection through preventive care for the opportunistic infections and their early treatment.

Education & Nutritional Support to the HIV/AIDS Infected and Affected Children:

Children affected and infected with HIV are very vulnerable to the atmosphere and the environment. These children have a very low immune system and they tend to restrict themselves from all activities. Deepti Foundation provides nutritional support and education to these kids so that they are in their best possible health condition to fight against the infection as well as social stigma. They are also provided with regular schooling so that they will be able to lead a life of independence later in life.


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    We resume the classes from 17-06-2024

    Jun 17, 2024