The MANOS UNIDAS project mainly focuses on women empowerment and community development.Our main area of focus is East Delhi;Seelampur, Gandhi Nagar, Sunder Nagri, Old Seemapuri and Dilshad Colony, Tahirpur.
The main focus of the project is to bring economic empowerment;giving them the confidence they need to tackle gender inequalities and leading to a better social standing for these women who often lack a voice in their patriarchal society.SHG group leaders are linked with MCD officials and local MLA’s to solve their social issues. Through the formation of SHG groups for women belonging to poor households and linking them to banks to get microfinance, we hope that lending money and credit allows women to function in business and society, which in turn empowers them to do more in their communities. Loans with low interest rates are given to women in developing communities helping them start a small business and provide for her family.
The old and poor are also taken care of under the project. Old individuals are provided assistance in obtainingpension and nutritional support is given to those who are unable to support themselves.
School dropouts in our area of focus are linked to non-formal education centres or IGNOU. As females in these areas are not allowed to study beyond a certain age by their family and society, efforts are made to counsel the family to support their child’s education but in situations where it doesn’t seem feasible these children are enrolled into vocational training centres that we have set up in all our project areas.
The Foundation organises variousawareness camps on various social issues like sanitation, women’s safety, drug addiction, etc., and health camps at regular intervals targeted towards providing health solutions. These health camps impart health education and sensitize the community on preventive measures. These camps are aimed at generating awareness, diagnosis and treatment of numerous health hazards. Specialized health camps are organized for TB, Malaria, Dengue, and Diarrhea, Worm infestation, Skin infections and STD/HIV diseases. We also make referrals to government hospitals for serious cases.


  • ‘God helps those who help themselves’

    ‘God helps those who help themselves’ Taking the initiative to help in social development, Deepti Foundation has supported the cause of upliftment of children who are ragpickers. Donations and funds are raised for these children which are utilized in the following ways:

    Aug 24, 2018
  • ‘God helps those who help themselves’

     Purchasing books  Providing food  Providing rooms and resources for education  Providing clothes and footwear 

    Aug 28, 2018
  • ‘God helps those who help themselves’

    Children’s contribution to self-development — they take the initiative to prepare rakhis using their talents and creative inputs. These rakhis are then given in bulk to educational institutions, housing societies and also among family and friends. These efforts, good intentions and good will go a long way for the development ofthese children. These contributions are further used for providing a better future to them.

    Aug 28, 2018