Deepti Ashram Girl's Hostel

This hostel is specially designed for the girls from the community of rag pickers and girls from families affected with HIV/AIDS. Deepti Foundation has projects operated for the benefits of people living in and around waste dump yards in Balaswa Dairy as well as for the people living with HIV/AIDS in the NCR areas. In these areas there are many girl children who have stopped their education due to financial constraints and for many reasons. Parents are unable to support the family due to financial and health reasons. The main reason behind this project is mainly the request from the community to ensure a better future for 45 girls who are in rag picking and for 15 girls whose parents are infected with HIV/AIDS. The parents do believe that if their daughters live in a hostel their future will be secured. 45 girls who are in rag picking and 15 girls whose parents are infected with HIV/AIDS and the age limit of the target group is between 5 to 14 years.

Empowering the children involved in rag picking

In collaboration with Holistic Child Development India. Deepti foundation is implementing a programme to ensure dignified, empowered and sustainable living conditions to all the rag picking children in three colonies of Bhalswa dumping yard, Delhi. The project aims at restoring the self-dignity and respect of children engaged in waste collection along with creating opportunities for their families to improve their socio-economic situation. 332 children are attending the non-formal education programme at GyanSarovarBhalswa diary. The have regular health check Up, medication, midday meal, psycho social support and advocacy. Their families are also involved in the programme. A lot of children and their families are empowered to have a dignified life in the society.

Rehabilitation of Families Living with HIV/AIDS

To reduce HIV and AIDS related morbidity and mortality and to improve the socio economic rehabilitation of families living with HIV/AIDS. We run a programme in partnership with caritas Australia. A recent baseline survey conducted by Deepti Foundation an accepted NGO working for the HIV/AIDS reveal that HIV and AIDS is still a serious issue to be addressed seriously, from twelve nearby slums. We have identified 1742 infected persons who are our target people. They will have increased access to health facilities and will be economically empowered through skill training and formation of Self Help Groups by this project. We conduct awareness programmes and person to person contact to identify more cases and guide them for health facilities.

Educational and Nutritional support to the affected children

HIV infected people are mostly from the low income families and AIDS destoriyes not only their immune system but make them unable to work and earn for the family. The situation will compel the children to discontinue their schooling and go for work or beg. Deepti Foundation supports infected families so that their affected and infected children,mainly girls may continue with their education. Educational support program includes admission fees, tuition and examination fees,uniform and stationary expenses including text books and note books,school bags and shoes and other timely supports,besides financing of special classes for weal students. We provide nutritional support to the needy children.

Empowerment of Women and Children in the Urban clusters of Delhi

The MANOS UNIDAS project mainly focuses on women empowerment and community development.Our main area of focus is East Delhi;Seelampur, Gandhi Nagar, Sunder Nagri, Old Seemapuri and Dilshad Colony, Tahirpur.
The main focus of the project is to bring economic empowerment;giving them the confidence they need to tackle gender inequalities and leading to a better social standing for these women who often lack a voice in their patriarchal society.SHG group leaders are linked with MCD officials and local MLA’s to solve their social issues. Through the formation of SHG groups for women belonging to poor households and linking them to banks to get microfinance, we hope that lending money and credit allows women to function in business and society, which in turn empowers them to do more in their communities. Loans with low interest rates are given to women in developing communities helping them start a small business and provide for her family.


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